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Sealant for O-rings and gaskets made of rubber.

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Fill your AC Stop Leak 

Finally, a way to minimize the costly repairs to your auto air conditioner. Each and every year it is common to replace the lost refrigerant that leaks out over the winter months. This procedure is very costly and annoying and adds to the negligible affects to our environment with global warming.

Many leaks in the automotive air conditioner occur within the o-rings and seal areas. As o-rings and seals age, the materials begin to crack and shrink. Deterioration is the natural tendency of rubber and the heat from the engine exacerbates the deterioration.

A can of Stop Leak is enough to maintain and stop the leakage in the system, which can accommodate up to 1.8 kilograms.

Stop Leak also contains about 250 grams of refrigerant.

Complement your meal with Fill your AC R134A replacement.

Can be used in both R134A and R12 systems.

ONLY FOR PROFESSIONAL USE! Follow the regulations for refrigerant!
The refrigerant based on hydrocarbon is flammable and must be leak tested with an electronic hydrocarbon leak finder, fluorescent DYE or soap bubbles. If leaks are detected during charging, area must  be ventilated immediately, avoid open flames and repair the leak. After the repair, the system must leak tested again.

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Stop Leak

Stop Leak

Sealant for O-rings and gaskets made of rubber.

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