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Now with the new Premium hose! Valve in metal.

Fits in all cars that use R134A and R12.

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Fill your AC - Premium-KIT with Stop Leak

Premium KIT for easy refill of your A/C.


  • 1 Premium hose with pressure gauge and R134A quick couplers
  • 1 can Fill your AC R134A replacement with DYE
  • 1 can of Stop Leak
  • 1 warning label for the engine bay

The kit is equivalent to about 700 grams of R134A. Our products are more efficient than standard HFC and CFC products.

Contains the softening agent for rubber seals and hoses. The rubber components regain their original shape and size. An otherwise common cause of leakage.

Fill your ACs products are made from ingredients of the highest quality. Contains DYE, which makes leak detection with UV lamp easy.

Because our products are so effective, you use up to 60% LESS refrigerant charge compared to similar products on the market.

Fill your AC R134A replacement is non ozone depleting and is completely eco-friendly. In addition, it is cost effective.

There are many benefits to using our products; among other things, that your A/C system operates at a lower head pressure which makes the compressor work easier and prolongs the life of it.

Suitable for systems with both R134A and R12.

Buy to R12 adapter if your vehicle is older than 1992.

Instructions are available HERE

*Stop Leak reconditionings dry the rubber components.


ONLY FOR PROFESSIONAL USE! Follow the regulations for refrigerant!

1 x Easy Charge R134A Hose

With this hose you can easily check the pressure and refill your A/C. Very simple to use.Screw on the can to the hose (no manual puncture is required!) Firmly press the quick connect to the cars low pressure port. Refill or just check the pressure. Your finished!

249,00 kr
1 x Stop Leak

Sealant for O-rings and gaskets made of rubber.

319,00 kr
Görkan T

Funkar kanon.

Har testat denna kit i min lexus ct200h 2011 och farsans mb w204 2010 , Funkar kanon jag hade ingen gas i systemet(syntes i mätaren farsans mb var nästan fullt men fyllde det som blev över efter jag fylt min bil) och fyllde den enligt instruktionerna bus enkelt. . Har testat den i 2 dagar fortfarande kall luft i bilen .

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    Premium KIT Stop Leak

    Premium KIT Stop Leak

    Now with the new Premium hose! Valve in metal.

    Fits in all cars that use R134A and R12.

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