Pro-KIT 1 jar - the A/C Refill 450g


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With our unique Proffsslang it has now become even easier to fill on your A/C!

Complete kit to get started.

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Fill your AC - Pro-KIT, replacing R134A and R12

Pro-KIT because you will be able to easily fill on your AC.

This KIT contains;

  • 450g replacement refrigerant.
  • Proffsslang with a pressure gauge and R134A quick couplers.
  • Warning sign for the engine room.

A/C 134 is more efficient than the ordinary HFC and CFC products.

For the best results; vakuumtöm NOT the system.

Our products are made from ingredients of the highest quality. Contains spårmedel, which makes leak detection with UV-light very simple.

Because our products are so effective, you use up to 60% LESS refrigerant charge compared to similar products on the market.

A jar containing about 450 grams of R134A.

A/C 134 is non-ozone depleting and is completely eco-friendly. In addition, it is cost effective and lowers your verkstadskostnader significantly.

There are many advantages to using A/C 134 ; among other things, that your A/C system operates at a lower huvudtryck which makes the compressor work easier and prolongs the life of the.

Suitable for systems with both R134A and R12.

Buy Stop-Leak or SUPER DENSE if you think you have a leak in your system.

Buy to R12 adapter if your vehicle is older than 1992.

Instructions are available HERE


ONLY FOR PROFESSIONAL USE! Follow the regulations for refrigerant!

Facilities originally designed for the F-gases require certification at work.

The refrigerant based on hydrocarbon is flammable and must läckageprovas with an electronic hydrocarbon läckagetestare, fluorescent spårvätska or soap bubbles. If leaks are detected during the loading, must the space be ventilated immediately, avoid open flames and repair the leak. After the repair, the system must läckageprovas again.

1 x R134A Replacement with DYE

R134A and R12 Replacement with DYE. Based on hydrocarbons and are an environmentally friendly alternative. Everyone wants to have a cool car during the summer?

219,00 kr
1 x Easy Charge R134A Hose

With this hose you can easily check the pressure and refill your A/C. Very simple to use.Screw on the can to the hose (no manual puncture is required!) Firmly press the quick connect to the cars low pressure port. Refill or just check the pressure. Your finished!

249,00 kr

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Pro-KIT 1 jar - the A/C Refill 450g

Pro-KIT 1 jar - the A/C Refill 450g

With our unique Proffsslang it has now become even easier to fill on your A/C!

Complete kit to get started.

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