Terms and conditions of purchase


Ordering of products takes place via the online store FylldinAC.now. When ordering, agreement for the purchase only when we have received an order confirmation. We do not include contracts with minors (under 18 years) without parental consent. FylldinAC.now reserves for errors in information and errors in the specification, in all of the FylldinAC.nus range if products and services. All pictures should be seen as illustrations and cannot be guaranteed to reproduce the product's exact appearance and characteristics. In the event of any inaccuracies in the indication of the status of the stock, reserved FylldinAC.now right to correct this afterwards. This means, among other things, that if a product has expired or for any other reason is not available with respect to reasonable efforts, is FylldinAC is not obliged to provide such product notwithstanding that the customer ordered the same as above. Once the customer has placed an order can FylldinAC.now don't change your order, returvillkoren apply. The customer is obliged to read our "what to do"-manual and be familiar with how the products are to be handled.


Prices and payment

Each item listed with the price including vat. In the cart you will see the total price including all fees, vat, shipping and payment.
Promotional offers of products are valid as long as stocks last, unless stated otherwise by FylldinAC.now.
Discount codes can only be used individually and can not be combined with each other.


The right of withdrawal

Your withdrawal (withdrawal period) is valid for 14 days. In your notice to us must clearly state that you regret you. The withdrawal period starts the day you received the product or a substantial part of it. If the contract concerns a custom-made, be, or be given a clear personal touch, the withdrawal period starts on the day we left the information.
You have no right of withdrawal if:
The service commenced during the withdrawal period with your consent, the price depends on financial market fluctuations (for example a share), goods because of their nature, cannot be returned, or that the seal has been broken. With sealing means including sealing technology.
When you exercise your right of withdrawal:
You are obliged to keep the goods in as good condition as when you received it. You may not use it, but, of course, carefully examine it. If the goods are damaged or lost due to negligence, you lose your right of withdrawal.


Warranty and complaints

Would the product be broken when you open it then you should contact us at info@fylldinac.nu within a week from the receipt of the package.
FylldinAC.now it sells all products with 1 year warranty. For customers in Sweden, 3-year warranty according to the Consumer. The product warranty does not apply to electronic products. The product warranty covers only original manufacturing defects, (d).v.p. errors that were in the product upon delivery. Manufacturing defects shall be ascertained by FylldinAC.now, whereupon the customer receives a new product. The product warranty does not apply when the FylldinAC.now can not find anything wrong with the product or when the customer has caused the damage yourself. The product warranty does not apply to the handling errors, wrong product or product defects that occur at or after the custom change of product function and appearance, such as rebuilding, upgrading or configuring the product. The customer's invoice or receipt as proof of guarantee.


Private Policy

When you place your order with us you state your personal data. In connection with your registration and ordering you agree that we store and use your information in order to fulfil our agreement with you. You have under the data protection act right to get the information which we have registered about you. If it is incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant you can request that the information be corrected or removed. Contact us via e-mail info@fylldinac.nu


Terms of delivery

On FylldinAC.now is always included vat in the price. FylldinAC.now normally deliver products in cooperation with DHL. FylldinAC.now only deliver within Europe. Delivery time may differ depending on the country of destination. Delivery time depends on whether products are available on FylldinAC.nus stock. The product's current stock status is shown on the FylldinAC.now under each specific product. If a product has deviating delivery time, is it specified at the respective be. In stock products delivery time is normally 2-5 business days depending on where in Sweden you live. FylldinAC can not guarantee the delivery time. FylldinAC parts are not up a delivery into several shipments. When ordering restade products are expected the first delivery to the FylldinAC.nus stock before the customer's order will be sent in a single delivery. If the customer wants to still divide up the delivery, he shall stand for as many shipping costs as the division means.

All deliveries are made after notification. At the dispensing/delivery of the products, the customer must always show id. Only the person with the name of the package may retrieve it at the registrar.
In cases where the customer chooses not to redeem the ordered products the customer will be charged a handling fee of 399 dollars.
If a delivery is delayed as notified to the customer via e-mail or a phone call from FylldinAC.now. The customer always has the right to cancel the purchase in case of prolonged delays in delivery. Cancellation of a purchase must be made in writing via e-mail to FylldinAC.now. FylldinAC.now pay back the paid amounts no later than 14 days after the written cancellation has been received. There may be occasions when it is impossible to complete an order, for example, in the case FylldinAC.nus supplier cannot fulfill his commitment to the FylldinAC.now.
FylldinAC.now therefore reserves the right to exclude from all claim to compensation from the customer for the order.
FylldinAC.now responsible for the risk during transport to the customer, d.v.p. the risk that a product is damaged or lost during shipment to the customer. The customer is responsible for the risk in the event returned to FylldinAC.now.
The customer has the responsibility to report any shipping damage to the FylldinAC.now, within a reasonable time. FylldinAC.now the client calls to report damage as quickly as possible, for smooth handling of the case. The customer is responsible for avemballera and inspect the product's condition as soon as possible after receipt. At a transport damage, the customer shall contact FylldinAC.now on e-mail: info@fylldinac.nu For shipping damage, the customer may not use the product and the customer must retain the product packaging, so that the whole package and the product can be inspected during the processing of the claim.


Returns & Exchanges

Returns are made at your own expense except if the product is defective or if we have packed wrong. Returns must be sent as letters or packages, not cod. For exchanges we will pay the new shipment from us to you.


Open purchase

FylldinAC.now gives the customer a 14 day return on unopened packaging. Product packaging must not be damaged or destroyed in any way. If the product does not have a special packaging, but shipped loose in a package, the customer may not have used the product in any way. All tags, stickers, labels etc shall be left on the product. The product should be returned in a totally unaltered state.



We will, if you exercised your right of withdrawal, pay back what you have paid for the item immediately or within 30 days from the date we received the item. You will have to pay returkostnaderna when you send the item back. The customer always pays the returning cost to send back so-called substitute goods.


Payment security

FylldinAC.now ensures that the payment options offered are safe and secure. FylldinAC.now offering a secure credit card payment with VISA and MasterCard, and invoice, in cooperation with Payson. Payson is a safe service and is certified by the säkerhetsbolaget Trustwave. When paying with a card sent to the customer on to a secure page where the customer can safely enter their card details and complete payment. FylldinAC.now never handles the customer's card information.

FylldinAC.now offers secure payment via PayPal with paypal account and credit card payment.

The use of the products

The customer is responsible to follow the instructions for the products.

The customer is responsible for mounting the varningsdekal that comes in the Premium Kits, refrigerant and additives and to inform about the existence of the flammable gas in the A/C system during service.

FylldinAC guarantees that the products do not harm vehicle A/C systems if they are used according to the instructions we provide.

The customer is responsible to comply with the legislation. In particular, the law relating to the refrigerant. Keep in mind that it may be illegal to mix some of the refrigerant and the required certification to handle all of the F-gases. To open or work with a system with F-gases is not permitted without the certification. R134A and R410A are the F-gases.

FylldinAC disclaims all liability from second and third parties.