Here we show a simple guide for the Volvo s60, s80, v70 II, xc70, xc90. Model year 00-07

We often get the question: the Hose does not fit my Volvo! It is because the hose only fits on the low side pressure port. The connection that you see immediately after you open the hood is high side.

  1. Open the hood and find the connections ( low side pressure port).
  2. Lift up the reservoir for the hydraulic fluid-power steering, for easier access.
  3. Unscrew the cap on the low side pressure port.
  4. Start recharging.
  5. The system holds about 1000g of R134a.
  6. Finish the work with to assemble back in reverse order.

Hitta lågtrycksport för påfyllning av AC på Volvo v70 och xc70