Components of automotive air conditioning.

The components in a car's A/C system is almost the same as a heat pump but there are a few modifications that are made to the components to fit in a car. The components used in car A/C are listed here:

1. Compressor - Also known as the AC-the heart of the system. A compressor pressurizes the refrigerant to convert kylmedlet from gas to liquid. The compressor is driven normally by the crankshaft via the belt.

2. Condenser - This part looks like a small radiator and is mounted in the front of the car, in front of the radiator, this is condensation, i.e. lowers the temperature of the kylmedlet which has high temperature after the compression process of the compressor and kylmedlet changes from gas form to liquid form.

3. Filter drier - Dehumidifier the condensed kylmedlet.Drying filter can also filter kylmedlet.

4. Expansion valve - This is a valve which expands the refrigerant from high pressure to low pressure.

5. Evaporator - It is a device that sits in the värmepaketet behind the dashboard. This creates the cold for the car's compartment. Here, once again becomes liquid to a gas and continues to the compressor and absorbs heat from the vehicle interior.

Note! Thermal expansion valve is used in vehicles that makes it possible for passengers to change the temperature.