Frequently asked questions about R134A Replacement

What is FylldinAC?

FylldinAC are products that are designed to effectively replace the R134A and R12. They have no ozone depleting potential (ODP) and has a negligible impact on the greenhouse effect (GWP), making it the most environmentally sound refrigerant on earth.

Requires FylldinACs products retrofit?

NO! It is a direct drop-in replacement. It requires no retrofitting or redesigning of a cooling system, because it is completely compatible with all the materials and oils (mineral or synthetic). Thanks to it you can make big savings!

It is required authorizations for your products?

NO! Our products are made from natural gas, hydrocarbons.It is a propane/isobutane mixture. They require no certificates or licenses to use.


How effective are the products?

Extremely. They are up to 60% more efficient than CFC-12(R12) -, and much more efficiently than HFC-134a(R134A). It means less wear and tear on your cooling system, large energy savings and reduced fuel costs.

How do you do?

It is a breeze to fill in! FylldinACs products are completely compatible with the synthetic oil used with HFC-134a and the organic oils in CFC-12 systems. No oil or packningsbyte required.

Have products the other benefits?

Yes, many! Unlike other newer refrigerants, they are not corrosive when exposed to moisture or oxygen and therefore increases the life of the system. FylldinACs the refrigerant has better heat transfer and lower operating temperatures, which increases the life of the compressor. FylldinAC normally work at a lower huvudtryck. FylldinAC is more soluble, it absorbs oil better which leads to better lubrication than other refrigerants.

Does it work?

The manufacturer guarantees that the products function as an effective replacement of R12 and R134A and it does not hurt anyone kylsystemkomponent or other mechanical equipment if installed and used according to the instructions.


As with all work with flammable substances required precautions. We always recommend protective clothing/gloves/shoes, and safety goggles. For your own sake, avoid smoking and other fire/hot objects when you are working with FylldinAC.