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Adapter kit

Adapter kit with 8 different parts.

159,00 kr
Injector, 60ml

Injector tool for an simple refill of oil or DYE, even if the system is filled with refrigerant.

583,00 kr
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Shut-off valve 1/4"

Shut off valve with 1/4" connections.

199,00 kr
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Pro-KIT 1234 - A/C Refill 340g

With our unique Proffsslang it has now become even easier to fill on your A/C! Modern cars have the refrigerant r1234yf. This refill kit includes everything to fill the cars with r1234yf Complete kit to get started.

399,00 kr
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Easy Charge R134A Hose

With this hose you can easily check the pressure and refill your A/C. Very simple to use. Screw on the can to the hose (no manual puncture is required!) Firmly press the quick connect to the cars low pressure port. Refill or just check the pressure. Your finished!

249,00 kr
R1234yf Adapter

Adapter for R1234yf systems. Makes it possible to use all the Premium-KIT to your car with R1234yf refrigerant.

249,00 kr
Safety Goggles

Yellow goggles. Used together with our UV-lamp for leak testing.

59,00 kr
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Digital Scale

Digital refrigerant scal in high quality. Can handle weights up to 70 kilograms. With backlit display.

1 295,00 kr
Quick couplers R1234YF Low+High

Kit with two quick couplings to R1234YF. High and lågtrycksport. Kvalitetskopplingar. HFO-1234YF With the shutdown. Adapter that has 1/4" thread included.

479,00 kr
Valve tool for schrader

Tool designed for disassembly and assembly of schrader valves. Two different dimensions.

114,00 kr
Showing 37 - 48 of 56 items