Adapters for conversion of different connections and fitting sizes.

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R12 Adapter

Conversion for classic cars and older vehicles with R12.Converts R12 connection (7/16") to R134A coupler fitting.

79,00 kr
Renault Adapter

Adapter to Megane and Laguna which have a high side fitting instead of low side fitting.

289,00 kr
Audi Adapter

Adapter for Audi/VW with no service port. Converts to a standard R134a service port.

289,00 kr
Adapter kit

Adapter kit with 8 different parts.

159,00 kr
R410A 5/16 Adapter

Adapter for the connection of plants with R410A tools and equipment with 1/4" thread. Due to large orders there may be delays in delivery. Preliminary delivery time 7-10 working days.

113,00 kr
R1234yf Adapter

Adapter for R1234yf systems. Makes it possible to use all the Premium-KIT to your car with R1234yf refrigerant.

249,00 kr
Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items