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Here you will find manifold gauge sets, hoses, adapters, valves, scales, sets with manifold gauge set with vacuum pumps and much more. Hope you find what you are looking for! Otherwise, feel free to ask us.

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Premium charging hose

Reusable hose with plastic and metal fittings. Comes with a pressure gauge. For an easy refill of your AC.

249,00 kr
R12 Adapter

Conversion for classic cars and older vehicles with R12.Converts R12 connection (7/16") to R134A coupler fitting.

79,00 kr
Out of stock
Renault Adapter

Adapter to Megane and Laguna which have a high side fitting instead of low side fitting.

289,00 kr
Out of stock
Safety Goggles

Yellow goggles. Used together with our UV-lamp for leak testing.

59,00 kr
Out of stock
UV lamp

For leak testing to find leaks. 

179,00 kr
Audi Adapter

Adapter for Audi/VW with no service port. Converts to a standard R134a service port.

289,00 kr
Quick Coupler Low Side

Fits on R134A low pressure service port. 

195,00 kr
Out of stock
Manifold Gauge Set 2-way

Manifold gauge set in professional quality. Supplied with 3 pcs 91cm long hoses and 2 pieces of quick couplers with shut-off valve.

1 195,00 kr
Quick couplers R134A Low+High

Kit with two quick couplers for R134A. High and low side. 

379,00 kr
Out of stock
Vacuum Pump Premium 1 Stage

Small but powerful a1stage vacuum pump for both heat pumps and vehicles. Weighing only 4.0 kg!

1 290,00 kr
Showing 1 - 12 of 30 items