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Now in Sweden! Eco-friendly refrigerant, for an easy A/C refill.

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Universal PAG oil

Oil with a technologically advanced formula, designed to replace most oils in the mobile A/C system.

249,00 kr
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UV-DYE single dose

Find the leak in your A/C or heat pump! Single dose of 7.5 ml. Enough for one car/system

79,00 kr
R134A Replacement with DYE

R134A and R12 Replacement with DYE. Based on hydrocarbons and are an environmentally friendly alternative. Everyone wants to have a cool car during the summer?

219,00 kr
Stop Leak

Sealant for O-rings and gaskets made of rubber.

239,00 kr

Stops effective leakage in condensers, pipes, metal and rubber components. The most advanced sealant on the market!

339,00 kr
A/C Drying Agent

Ideal drying agent, designed for use when you do not have access to a vacuum pump.

299,00 kr
A/C Oil Lube

Fill with fresh oil. Miscible with Ester, PAG and mineral oils.

239,00 kr
R134A Replacement with DYE 6-Pack

Bigpack R134A replacement with DYE The refrigerant based on hydrocarbon and is totally eco-friendly alternative.

1 199,00 kr
R22 Replacement

Replacement for R22, R290 and R404A. Natural refrigerant based on hydrocarbon.

219,00 kr
R134A Replacement with DYE 12-Pack

Bigpack R134A replacement with DYE. The refrigerant based on hydrocarbon and is totally eco-friendly. Equal to 5.4 Kg R134A!

1 999,00 kr
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Brilliant UV DYE 100ml

U / V DYE for air conditioning and refrigeration systems, makes it possible to quickly and accurately locate small leaks of refrigerant.

258,00 kr
Showing 1 - 12 of 21 items