R134A Replacement with DYE

R134A and R12 Replacement with DYE. Based on hydrocarbons and are an environmentally friendly alternative. Everyone wants to have a cool car during the summer?

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Premium-KIT 2 cans

Now with the new Premium hose! Valve in metal.Premium KIT with 2 cans for refilling of your AC. Contains 1 premium hose and 2 cans of Refill your AC R134A replacement with DYE.

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Premium-KIT 1 Can

Premium KIT for easy recharge of your AC. Includes: 1 premium hose and 1 can Fill your AC R134A replacement.Now with the new Premium hose! Valve metal in high quality.

349,00 kr
Premium KIT Stop Leak

Now with the new Premium hose! Valve in metal. Fits in all cars that use R134A and R12.

529,00 kr

Stops effective leakage in condensers, pipes, metal and rubber components. The most advanced sealant on the market!

299,00 kr
Stop Leak

Sealant for O-rings and gaskets made of rubber.

219,00 kr

Now with the new Premium hose! Valve in metal.Recondition, lubricating, and refilling your A/C system. Fits in all cars that use R134A and R12.

699,00 kr
A/C Oil Lube

Fill with fresh oil. Miscible with Ester, PAG and mineral oils.

219,00 kr
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Shut-off valve 1/4"

Shut off valve with 1/4" connections.

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Pro-KIT 1234 - A/C Refill 340g

With our unique Proffsslang it has now become even easier to fill on your A/C! Modern cars have the refrigerant r1234yf. This refill kit includes everything to fill the cars with r1234yf Complete kit to get started.

399,00 kr
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R134A Replacement with DYE 6-Pack

Bigpack R134A replacement with DYE The refrigerant based on hydrocarbon and is totally eco-friendly alternative.

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